Battery packs, chargers, antennas, amplifiers, headsets, testing and inspection devices, frames and numerous accessories (fill guns, RF filter, mobile intercoms, rebroadcasting accessories). This wide range of accessories enables transceivers to be used in various configurations to meet diverse operation requirements.



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SZ13.2 - Power supply

PN (RN): 7026.100.01
KČM: 0299012009435
NSN: 6130160033899

SZ13.2 power supply is designed to supply one RF13 VHF transceiver. It consists of an AC/DC mains adapter...

FG40 - Fillgun

PN (RN): 2420.100.01

Designed to upload operating data to the RF40 transceiver. The fillgun is designed as a small compact unit equipped with...

PK1302 - Fill gun

PN (RN): 2320.100.01
KČM: 0067100047551
NSN: 5820160049722

The PK1302 is a hardware component of PK20 set. The set is used for operation data programming of the RF13...

KG20 - Key generator

PN (RN): 2322.100.01

The KG20 set is offered to users who wish to use HW20 frequency hopping mode with RF20 transceivers with own...

RC20 - Remote control unit

PN (RN): 2312.100.01

The remote control unit is intended for remote control of RF2050 mobile transceivers. It is recommended to be used wherever...

RU20 - Rebroadcast unit

PN (RN): 2315.110.01

The rebroadcast unit is part of the AR20 automatic rebroadcast station that mutually links all transceivers in the automatic rebroadcast...

RU20 - Rebroadcast unit

PN (RN): 2315.110.12

The rebroadcast unit is part of the AR20P portable rebroadcast station that mutually links all transceivers in the automatic rebroadcast...

DR13/DR13.2 - Retransmission kit

PN (RN): 2015.100.03

DR13/DR13.2 retransmission kit is an accessory of RF13 transceiver. It features retransmission of clear voice communication.

Retransmission of...

RJ13 - Rebroadcast unit

PN (RN): 2018.200.02
KČM: 0068680390019
NSN: 5820160020330
RJ13 controls the AR13.1 automatic rebroadcast station unit operation.

GPR23 - GPS receiver for RF20 radio system

PN (RN): 2332.100.01

The GPS receiver is an accessory to transceivers that are part of the RF20 system. With this accessory you can...

MM40WR - Mission module

PN (RN): 2401.100.01

Expansion module easily attachable to the RF40 transceiver or to the VA40 vehicle amplifier (forming one mechanical unit) contains a...

AF13 - Co-site filter

PN (RN): 2028.100.02
KČM: 0064241004021
NSN: 5895160038170

The AF13 filter decreases mutual interference between two VHF transceivers operating with antennas close to each other, for instance, in...

Type designation Name PN (RN) KCM NSN
SZ13.2 Power supply 7026.100.01 0299012009435 6130160033899
FG40 Fillgun 2420.100.01
PK1302 Fill gun 2320.100.01 0067100047551 5820160049722
KG20 Key generator 2322.100.01
RC20 Remote control unit 2312.100.01
RU20 Rebroadcast unit 2315.110.01
RU20 Rebroadcast unit 2315.110.12
DR13/DR13.2 Retransmission kit 2015.100.03
RJ13 Rebroadcast unit 2018.200.02 0068680390019 5820160020330
GPR23 GPS receiver for RF20 radio system 2332.100.01
MM40WR Mission module 2401.100.01
AF13 Co-site filter 2028.100.02 0064241004021 5895160038170