DR13/DR13.2 retransmission kit is an accessory of RF13 transceiver. It features retransmission of clear voice communication.

Retransmission of simplex or semiduplex voice communication is controlled by automatic monitoring of signals from terminal transceivers for presence of 150 Hz pilot tone.

PN (RN): 2015.100.03
• transmission of clear voice communication between RF13 transcevier with active 150 Hz tone squelch
• transmission of 1000 Hz tone calling between terminal transceivers
• simplex or semiduplex retransmission
• repeater simplex communication
Nominal supply voltage 12 V, power supplied from RF13
Maximal current consumption from RF13 70 mA
Audio bandwidth 300 – 3400 Hz
Automatic retransmission 150 Hz detection from receiving RF13
Length of interconnection cable to RF13 1 m ± 0.1 m
Operating temperature range -30°C až + 70°C
Storage temperature range -40°C až + 70°C
Mechanical and climatic resistance MIL-STD-810E