Battery packs, chargers, antennas, amplifiers, headsets, testing and inspection devices, frames and numerous accessories (fill guns, RF filter, mobile intercoms, rebroadcasting accessories). This wide range of accessories enables transceivers to be used in various configurations to meet diverse operation requirements.



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PN (RN): 7013.100.01
KČM: 0064742301391
NSN: 5975160034640

The frame is used for spring-mounted installation with four M8 screws into a vehicle. The frame is used for the...


PN (RN): 7007.100.50
KČM: 0064662200747
NSN: 5975160034637

The frame is used for fixing two components of the mobile set to each other, or for installing a satellite...


PN (RN): 7007.100.51
KČM: 0064662008110
NSN: 5975160024831

The frame is designed to hold two components (e.g., RF13 and DR13) together for vertical assembly.

Handset holder

PN (RN): 2026.700.01
KČM: 0064662900760
NSN: 5965160034225
The holder is used for installation in a vehicle and in fixed locations. The handset is placed in the holder...


PN (RN): 2315.205.01

LP40 - Battery

PN (RN): 7400.100.01, 7400.100.02, 7400.100.03, 7400.100.04

LP40 battery is offered in two versions. Optimal battery type choice for a given application depends on the required radio...

BA40 - Power Adaptor

PN (RN): 7413.100.01

The BA40 Power Adaptor allows RF40 transceiver to be power supplied from Bren-Tronics’s BT-70716BE (5.8 Ah) and BT-70716BG...

SL40 - Solar charger

PN (RN): 7047.100.40

The SL40 solar charger is designed to charge LiIon battery packs with type designations LP40S and LP40L for RF40 transceivers...

VC40 - Vehicle charger

PN (RN): 7412.100.01

Designed to charge up to two LP40 batteries in both versions. Waterproof and compact charger design ensures high mechanical strength...

SC40 - Stationary charger

PN (RN): 7410.100.01

Designed to charge up to 8 LP40 batteries in both versions. The charger is installed in a watertight plastic case...

PC40 - Simple charger

PN (RN): 7411.100.01

Designed to charge one LP40 battery in both versions. The charger is designed as a network adapter with a cable...

LP1302 - Battery pack

PN (RN): 7029.100.02

Power supply for RF20 radio system transceivers. The battery pack consists of serial-parallel set of four LiIon cells with protective diagnostic circuits, and a capacity display.

  • nominal capacity 3.6 Ah

LP20 - Battery pack

PN (RN): 7029.100.11, 7029.100.13

Power supply for RF20 radio system transceivers. The battery pack consists of serial-parallel set of six LiIon cells with a protective diagnostic circuit. The diagnostic circuit is equipped with a battery charging status display.

  • nominal capacity 6.7 Ah

PP20 - Battery holder

PN (RN): 7029.100.50

AA disposable batteries holder for the RF20 radio system that may be used in lieu of the LP1302 or LP20...

NM1302 - Mobile charger

PN (RN): 7028.100.01
NSN: 6130160048121

NM1302 charger is designed to charge BP1301 (NiCd), LP1302 (LiIon) and LP20 (LiIon) battery packs in vehicles providing 12 V...

Type designation Name PN (RN) KCM NSN
Frame 7013.100.01 0064742301391 5975160034640
Frame 7007.100.50 0064662200747 5975160034637
Frame 7007.100.51 0064662008110 5975160024831
Handset holder 2026.700.01 0064662900760 5965160034225
Holder 2315.205.01
LP40 Battery 7400.100.01, 7400.100.02, 7400.100.03, 7400.100.04
BA40 Power Adaptor 7413.100.01
SL40 Solar charger 7047.100.40
VC40 Vehicle charger 7412.100.01
SC40 Stationary charger 7410.100.01
PC40 Simple charger 7411.100.01
LP1302 Battery pack 7029.100.02
LP20 Battery pack 7029.100.11, 7029.100.13
PP20 Battery holder 7029.100.50
NM1302 Mobile charger 7028.100.01 6130160048121