DICOM®RF40 radio system

The RF40 Thoroughbred system represents the company's third generation of small tactical radios. The core consists of a RF40 handheld multiband transceiver in 30-512 MHz frequency range, with RF output power up to 10 W. The radio supports frequency and amplitude modulation and various waveforms.

An expansion module is available - a small device that is inserted on the rear of the transceiver. This module implements another transceiver with MANET broadband network. Combining RF40 and the module results in a full-fledged two-channel handheld transceiver for narrow-band communication at VHF/UHF frequencies and broadband communications at L-band or S-band frequencies. The RF40 is also available in a vehicle-mounted variant, secured via a 'jerk-and-run' VA40 compact amplifier dock with an output of 50 W.


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RF40 - Handheld transceiver

PN (RN): 2400.100.01

The RF40 Thoroughbred Radio System is a versatile system for secure tactical radio data and voice communication in VHF and...

RF4050 - Vehicular radio

Combining VA40 vehicle amplifier with RF40 handheld transceiver results in RF4050 vehicular radio. It is designed so that the handheld...