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RF13.1 - Rechargeable battery pack

PN (RN): 7000.100.02

Battery pack for portable RF13 VHF transceiver. It contains a compact quick-charge NiCd batteries pack. The box contains an electronic...

RF13.13 - Rechargeable battery pack

PN (RN): 7000.100.22

Power supply for RF13 portable transceiver. It contains a set of LiIon batteries in serial-parallel connection with protective and diagnostic...

NM13 - Mobile charger

PN (RN): 7004.100.02
KČM: 0068600200062
NSN: 6130160038293

The charger is used for charging of the single battery pack RF13.1 by a constant current. This charger makes...

RM13 - Mobile quick charger

PN (RN): 7014.100.02
KČM: 0299012010879
NSN: 6130160038000

Quick charging of the RF13.1 rechargeable battery pack in vehicles. Its mechanic and climatic resistance makes it possible to...

DM13 - Mobile extension

PN (RN): 7005.100.02

The unit is used in the 5 W power output RF1305 mobile set. It is placed between the RF13 transceiver...

RN13.1 - Quick battery charger

PN (RN): 7001.100.12
KČM: 0068600200055
NSN: 6130160041837

The quick charger is used for quick charging of one or two battery packs RF13.1. Simultaneously, it can control...

NS13 - Standard battery charger

PN (RN): 7003.100.02
KČM: 0299012010800
NSN: 6130160037710

The charger is used for simultaneous charging of one to six rechargeable battery packs RF13.1 at 0.1 C...

NU13 - Universal charger

PN (RN): 7024.100.01

The charger features charging, charging with preliminary discharging, the measuring of battery pack capacity and testing of one to eight...

NK13 - Trickle charger

PN (RN): 7002.100.02
KČM: 0299012010862
NSN: 6130160037999

The charger is used for elimination of self-discharging of NiCd battery packs RF13.1 during storage. Charged battery packs are...

NJ13.1 - Small mains charger

PN (RN): 7025.100.12

The small mains charger is used to charge a single RF13.13 (LiIon) battery pack.

SZ13.1 - Power supply

PN (RN): 7011.100.02

The SZ13.1 power supply supplies power to the RF1325 or RF1350 transceiver or any other device with nominal power...

SZ13.2 - Power supply

PN (RN): 7026.100.01
KČM: 0299012009435
NSN: 6130160033899

SZ13.2 power supply is designed to supply one RF13 VHF transceiver. It consists of an AC/DC mains adapter...

Type designation Name PN (RN) KCM NSN
RF13.1 Rechargeable battery pack 7000.100.02
RF13.13 Rechargeable battery pack 7000.100.22
NM13 Mobile charger 7004.100.02 0068600200062 6130160038293
RM13 Mobile quick charger 7014.100.02 0299012010879 6130160038000
DM13 Mobile extension 7005.100.02
RN13.1 Quick battery charger 7001.100.12 0068600200055 6130160041837
NS13 Standard battery charger 7003.100.02 0299012010800 6130160037710
NU13 Universal charger 7024.100.01
NK13 Trickle charger 7002.100.02 0299012010862 6130160037999
NJ13.1 Small mains charger 7025.100.12
SZ13.1 Power supply 7011.100.02
SZ13.2 Power supply 7026.100.01 0299012009435 6130160033899