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LP40 - Battery

PN (RN): 7400.100.01, 7400.100.02, 7400.100.03, 7400.100.04

LP40 battery is offered in two versions. Optimal battery type choice for a given application depends on the required radio...

BA40 - Power Adaptor

PN (RN): 7413.100.01

The BA40 Power Adaptor allows RF40 transceiver to be power supplied from Bren-Tronics’s BT-70716BE (5.8 Ah) and BT-70716BG...

SL40 - Solar charger

PN (RN): 7047.100.40

The SL40 solar charger is designed to charge LiIon battery packs with type designations LP40S and LP40L for RF40 transceivers...

VC40 - Vehicle charger

PN (RN): 7412.100.01

Designed to charge up to two LP40 batteries in both versions. Waterproof and compact charger design ensures high mechanical strength...

SC40 - Stationary charger

PN (RN): 7410.100.01

Designed to charge up to 8 LP40 batteries in both versions. The charger is installed in a watertight plastic case...

PC40 - Simple charger

PN (RN): 7411.100.01

Designed to charge one LP40 battery in both versions. The charger is designed as a network adapter with a cable...

Type designation Name PN (RN) KCM NSN
LP40 Battery 7400.100.01, 7400.100.02, 7400.100.03, 7400.100.04
BA40 Power Adaptor 7413.100.01
SL40 Solar charger 7047.100.40
VC40 Vehicle charger 7412.100.01
SC40 Stationary charger 7410.100.01
PC40 Simple charger 7411.100.01