AA disposable batteries holder for the RF20 radio system that may be used in lieu of the LP1302 or LP20 rechargeable LiIon batteries.
The battery magazine of the PP20 must be loaded with a total of 12 fresh AA size batteries. Recommended battery type is Energizer Lithium Ultimate L91 1.5 V (03-2023). The batteries in the holder can be replaced simply by hand, no special tools (screwdriver, wrench etc.) needed. Batteries are not included.

PN (RN): 7029.100.50
Type of cells primary (lithium, alkaline)
Size of cells AA
Number of cells 12
Maximum current 3.5 A*
Protection short circuit, faulty cell usage
Operating temperature -30 °C to +70 °C*
Environmental protection IP64
Color black
Dimensions W 78 mm x H 100 mm x D 45 mm
Weight 0.24 kg*
* parameter of holder only (not cells)