Power supply for RF20 radio system transceivers. The battery pack consists of serial-parallel set of six LiIon cells with a protective diagnostic circuit. The diagnostic circuit is equipped with a battery charging status display.

The battery pack version 7029.100.11 contains a converter which ensures minimum battery pack output voltage of 6.5 V under increased cell internal resistance (negative temperature).

PN (RN): 7029.100.11, 7029.100.13

Diagnostic circuits use two-wire bus communication between the battery pack and the charger to display the battery pack charging parameters and manufacturing parameters on the charger display (NU1302).

Nominal voltage 7.4 V
Nominal capacity 6.7 Ah
Charging (from NU1302, NM1302 chargers) 5 hours
Charging temperature range 0 ˚C to +43 ˚C
Operating temperature range –30 ˚C to +60 ˚C
Dimensions W 76 mm x H 95 mm x D 45 mm
Weight max. 0.45 kg
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NU1302 - Universal charger set N/A

PN (RN): 7027.000.01
KČM: 0299012011670
NSN: 6130160048118


NM1302 - Mobile charger set

PN (RN): 7028.000.01
KČM: 0299012011694
NSN: 6130160048120

Set consists of NM1302 mobile charger and accessories. NM1302 charger is designed to charge BP1301 (NiCd) and LP1302 (LiIon) battery...

PC20 - Small mains charger set

PN (RN): 7046.000.11

SL20 - Solar charger

PN (RN): 7047.100.01

The SL20 solar charger is designed to charge LiIon battery packs with type designations LP1302 and LP20 for RF20 and...

Type designation Name PN (RN) KCM NSN
NU1302 Universal charger set N/A 7027.000.01 0299012011670 6130160048118
NM1302 Mobile charger set 7028.000.01 0299012011694 6130160048120
PC20 Small mains charger set 7046.000.11
SL20 Solar charger 7047.100.01