Set consists of RF13 transceiver, DM13 mobile extension and accessories. The set is intended for quick installment in vehicles, particularly in cars. It provides all operating features of the RF13 portable transceiver. The mobile accessory enables power supply from 27 V or 12 V on-board mains, charging of the battery pack and loud monitoring of the received signal. When installed in other types of vehicles, it is necessary to use a frame with the DM13 accessory. The set may be run outside the vehicle as well, with power supply coming from a rechargeable battery pack. For more details on RF13 transceiver, DM13 mobile extension and other set components see relevant pages of this website.

PN (RN): 7005.000.02

• RF13 transceiver display backlight with DM13 power supply from on-board mains
• Power supply to RF13 transceiver from DM13
• Indicates connection to on-board mains, indicates starting of loud monitoring
• Charging of RF13.1 battery pack and switching to trickle charging
• Automatic disconnecting of loud monitoring when the RF13 transceiver is switched off
• Transceiver may be run outside the vehicle

Frequency range 30.000 MHz to 87.975 MHz
Input impedance 50 Ω
Output impedance 50 Ω
Channel spacing 25 kHz
Number of channels 2320
Channel selection from transceiver keyboard or handset
Operating modes simplex or semiduplex telephony or data transmission to 16 kbit/s
Voice encryption through internal digital scrambler or built-in EU13.1 encryption card
Modulation FM, max. deviation 5.6 kHz
RF power output 5 W nominal, 0.2 W reduced
Receiver sensitivity better than 0.5 µV at 12 dB SINAD
Effectively transmitted frequencies range
narrow band 300 Hz to 3400 Hz
wide band 150 Hz to 9000 Hz
Modulation signal level for 4 kHz frequency deviation 100 mV for F3 operation
400 mV for data
AF amplifier output 1 W in loudspeaker with impedance 6 Ω
AF frequency range 300 Hz to 3000 Hz in 6 dB range
Power supply voltage 10 V to 33 V
Maximal current consumption max. 4.5 A at 12 V power supply voltage
max. 2.0 A at 27 V power supply voltage
Charging current 400 mA ± 50 mA
Trickle current 30 mA ± 15 mA
Operating temperature -30 °C to +60 °C
Set weight max. 11 kg
RF13 operating instructions 2000.010.02
RF13 brief operating instructions 2000.011.02
DM13 operating instructions 7005.010.02
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RF13 - Transceiver

PN (RN): 2000.100.04
NSN: 5820160015663

The RF13 transceiver with built-in digital scrambler is a portable VHF transceiver, which is used for tactical communication. It is...

RF13.1 - Rechargeable battery pack

PN (RN): 7000.100.02

Battery pack for portable RF13 VHF transceiver. It contains a compact quick-charge NiCd batteries pack. The box contains an electronic...

DM13 - Mobile extension

PN (RN): 7005.100.02

The unit is used in the 5 W power output RF1305 mobile set. It is placed between the RF13 transceiver...


PN (RN): 7013.100.01
KČM: 0064742301391
NSN: 5975160034640

The frame is used for spring-mounted installation with four M8 screws into a vehicle. The frame is used for the...

RF13.2 - Handset with control

PN (RN): 2022.100.02
KČM: 0064333000661
NSN: 5965160034636

The handset can be connected to any of the two audio connectors on the RF13 transceiver or to any transceiver...

Power supply cable

PN (RN): 1050.101.01
KČM: 0064301010513
NSN: 5995160034135
Type designation Name PN (RN) KCM NSN
RF13 Transceiver 2000.100.04 5820160015663
RF13.1 Rechargeable battery pack 7000.100.02
DM13 Mobile extension 7005.100.02
Frame 7013.100.01 0064742301391 5975160034640
RF13.2 Handset with control 2022.100.02 0064333000661 5965160034636
Power supply cable 1050.101.01 0064301010513 5995160034135
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1.88 m VHF vehicle antenna

PN (RN): 2036.100.40

It is intended for fixed mounting on the metal bodywork of the vehicle. A characteristic feature of the antenna is...

2.6 m VHF vehicle antenna

PN (RN): 2036.100.23, 2036.100.24

The antenna is designed for fixed installation on all types of wheeled and tracked vehicles. It has omnidirectional radiation pattern...

RF13.3 - Handset

PN (RN): 2022.100.52
KČM: 0064333000731
NSN: 5965160034142

When connected to the audio connectors of the transceiver, the handset makes it possible to make radio phonic communication and...

Handset holder

PN (RN): 2026.700.01
KČM: 0064662900760
NSN: 5965160034225
The holder is used for installation in a vehicle and in fixed locations. The handset is placed in the holder...

PK20 - Fill gun set

PN (RN): 2320.000.02

The set is used for operation data programming of the RF13 (including RF1301) and RF20 transceivers. The set consists of...

Light fabric cover

PN (RN): 2000.118.01
KČM: 0064722003213
NSN: 5820160034145

Antenna cable (3 m)

PN (RN): 2011.904.01
KČM: 0064301010443
NSN: 5995160034134

Antenna cable (10 m)

PN (RN): 2011.904.02
KČM: 0064301010924
NSN: 5995160020406

RF headsets

The RF product line headsets are designed for RF20 and RF13 radio system transceivers.

AS1301 - Short tape antenna 0.5 m

PN (RN): 2038.100.01
KČM: 0064681101058
NSN: 5985160025492

Short-distance communication between RF20 or RF1301 transceivers. This antenna can also be used with the RF13 transceiver. The antenna proper...

AL13 - Long tape antenna 1.5 m

PN (RN): 2039.100.01
KČM: 0064685905834
NSN: 5985160033179

This is a basic type antenna for RF13 transceiver (VHF). It can be easily used instead of 1.5 m...

RF13.8 - Hang-up antenna

PN (RN): 2036.100.11
KČM: 0064681101065
NSN: 5985160024749

This antenna is used for operation of the RF13 transceiver from trenches, forests or from buildings. The antena consits of...

Extension cable

PN (RN): 6000001104
KČM: 0064301010948
NSN: 5995160034140

Manpack bag

PN (RN): 2000.116.01
KČM: 0064725000806
NSN: 5820160034146

Carrying straps

PN (RN): 2000.117.01
KČM: 0064701000990
NSN: 5820160034144

Spare parts set

PN (RN): 2000.110.03
KČM: 0064751000755
NSN: 5820160021957
Type designation Name PN (RN) KCM NSN
1.88 m VHF vehicle antenna 2036.100.40
2.6 m VHF vehicle antenna 2036.100.23, 2036.100.24
RF13.3 Handset 2022.100.52 0064333000731 5965160034142
Handset holder 2026.700.01 0064662900760 5965160034225
PK20 Fill gun set 2320.000.02
Light fabric cover 2000.118.01 0064722003213 5820160034145
Antenna cable (3 m) 2011.904.01 0064301010443 5995160034134
Antenna cable (10 m) 2011.904.02 0064301010924 5995160020406
RF headsets
AS1301 Short tape antenna 0.5 m 2038.100.01 0064681101058 5985160025492
AL13 Long tape antenna 1.5 m 2039.100.01 0064685905834 5985160033179
RF13.8 Hang-up antenna 2036.100.11 0064681101065 5985160024749
Extension cable 6000001104 0064301010948 5995160034140
Manpack bag 2000.116.01 0064725000806 5820160034146
Carrying straps 2000.117.01 0064701000990 5820160034144
Spare parts set 2000.110.03 0064751000755 5820160021957