This is a basic type antenna for RF13 transceiver (VHF). It can be easily used instead of 1.5 m RF13.6 whip antenna. This antenna can also be used with #RF20# or RF1301 transceivers.

PN (RN): 2039.100.01
KCM: 0064685905834
NSN: 5985160033179

The antenna proper consists of two independent parts: matching unit and antenna radiator. Bottom part of the antenna fitting consists of appropriate connector with a cap nut. There is a gooseneck with threaded insert on the top fitting part. The radiator is made of a flexible steel tape covered by a plastic sleeve. The steel tape makes it possible to bend the antenna at any point; the minimum bending radius is 1 cm. The bottom radiator part is ended by a screw joint ensuring mechanical connection with the antenna fitting.

The antenna is electrically connected to the transceiver via a BNC connector, mechanical resistance is secured by a screw joint on the transceiver and a cap nut on the antenna. This time-valued method ensures a high mechanical resistance during motion on broken or wooded terrain and in case of a possible falling of the transceiver.

The design of the antenna makes it possible to fold it to the length of 0.3 m. Thus it can be easily put in the bag.

Frequency range 30 MHz to 88 MHz
Impedance 50 Ω
VSWR max. 6
Power rating up to 5 W
Radiation pattern omnidirectional
Operating temperature range –30 °C to +60 °C
Whip length 1.32 m
Weight (including matching unit) 0.4 kg