The RF 13 radio system mobile sets consist of the RF13 transceiver combined with suitable accessories. Depending on the required output power, the following configurations are available:

Name and type Maximum output power Power supply voltage External amplifier
  RF1305 mobile sets 5 W 12 V or 24 V -----
  RF1350 mobile sets 50 W 24 V ZV13.1

Configuration and identification of mobile sets

Specific set configurations depend primarily on required operational and functional features, method and place of installation and other customer-specified parameters. Owing to great variability, sets specifically designed by customers can be assembled. Each set is marked with a unique identification code - PN (RN).

Overview of standard (sample) RF13 radios system mobile sets

For quick orientation, we created standard (sample) sets designed to fulfill basic operational tasks. For general info see the table, for detailed specifications, including lists of components, consult individual set pages.

To create these sets, we used the RF13 transceiver version with built-in voice encryption (2000.100.02). Amplifiers ZV13.1 from RF1350 sets are used in the Net version.

Name and type PN (RN) Basic set components
RF1305 mobile set 7005.000.02   RF13 transceiver; DM13 mobile extension
RF1350 mobile set 2011.041.61 RF13 transceiver; ZV13.1 amplifier (on top of each other)
RF1350 mobile set 2011.041.71   RF13 transceiver; ZV13.1 amplifier (next to each other)
RF1350 mobile set 2011.041.72   RF13 transceiver; ZV13.1 amplifier; AF13 co-site filter



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RF1305 - Mobile set for patrol vehicles

PN (RN): 7005.000.02

Set consists of RF13 transceiver, DM13 mobile extension and accessories. The set is intended for quick installment in vehicles, particularly...

RF1350 - Mobile set

PN (RN): 2011.041.61

This mobile set with maximal output power of 50 W can be installed in all wheeled and tracked vehicles. The...