The RF13 transceiver with built-in digital scrambler is a portable VHF transceiver, which is used for tactical communication. It is carried and operated by one person. The set includes the transceiver and accessories for common use. These accessories can be carried in a bag together with the transceiver.

PN (RN): 2000.100.04
NSN: 5820160015663

The transceiver set in the bag can be transported by train, car, in tracked vehicles and by air. The phonic operation of this transceiver in the frequency range 30.000 MHz to 87.975 MHz is interoperable with all VHF transceivers currently in use in modern armed forces worldwide.



Other operating features include: whisper operation with increased microphone sensitivity, normal or subtone (150 Hz) inhibitable squelch, 9 preset channels storage, programming using fill gun or mutual programming of stations (cloning), priority scanning of 9 preset channels, selective calling, FLASH - 3 digits code quick transmission, switch for instant erasure of memory in case of emergency,
clear override operation, display backlight, voice encryption mode with individual choice of code number for each channel (2000.100.04 transceiver only), built-in test equipment (BITE). The electronic moduls - power supply, receiver, receiver synthesizer, transmitter synthesizer, transmitter, peripheral circuits, P control, AF and mother board - are mounted in a light alloy waterproof case. The transceiver´s color is olive green (other hues can be agreed upon). The VHF transceiver is the basic module of 30 MHz to 88 MHz frequency range communication systems, including mobile sets RF1305, RF1325 and RF1350.

Frequency range 30.000 MHz to 87.975 MHz
Channel spacing 25 kHz
Number of channels 2320
Channel selection digital, from transceiver keyboard
Operating modes simplex or semiduplex telephony data transmission channel max. 16 kbit/s
Modulation FM, max. deviation 5.6 kHz
RF power output 0.2 W reduced, 5 W nominal
Receiver sensitivity better than 0.5 μV at 12 dB SINAD
AF output power controllable, min. 200 mW/4 Ω
Power supply voltage 12 V
Power supply voltage range 10 V to 15 V
Operating time from RF13.1 min. 14 hours at 1 : 1 : 10 Tx/Rx/Standby ratio and nominal output power
Operating temperatures -30 °C to +60 °C
Dimensions W 204.5 mm x H 82.5 mm x D 174.5 mm
Weight max. 2.7 kg
RF13 operating instructions 2000.010.02
RF13 brief operating instructions 2000.011.02
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RF13 - Portable transceiver set

PN (RN): 2000.000.04
KČM: 0061600202014
NSN: 5820160020900

Set consists of RF13 transceiver (with built-in digital scrambler) and accessories. The portable transceiver set is used for phonic communication...

Type designation Name PN (RN) KCM NSN
RF13 Portable transceiver set 2000.000.04 0061600202014 5820160020900
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RF13.1 - Rechargeable battery pack

PN (RN): 7000.100.02

Battery pack for portable RF13 VHF transceiver. It contains a compact quick-charge NiCd batteries pack. The box contains an electronic...

AS1301 - Short tape antenna 0.5 m

PN (RN): 2038.100.01
KČM: 0064681101058
NSN: 5985160025492

Short-distance communication between RF20 or RF1301 transceivers. This antenna can also be used with the RF13 transceiver. The antenna proper...

AL13 - Long tape antenna 1.5 m

PN (RN): 2039.100.01
KČM: 0064685905834
NSN: 5985160033179

This is a basic type antenna for RF13 transceiver (VHF). It can be easily used instead of 1.5 m...

RF13.8 - Hang-up antenna

PN (RN): 2036.100.11
KČM: 0064681101065
NSN: 5985160024749

This antenna is used for operation of the RF13 transceiver from trenches, forests or from buildings. The antena consits of...

RF13.2 - Handset with control

PN (RN): 2022.100.02
KČM: 0064333000661
NSN: 5965160034636

The handset can be connected to any of the two audio connectors on the RF13 transceiver or to any transceiver...

Manpack bag

PN (RN): 2000.116.01
KČM: 0064725000806
NSN: 5820160034146

Light fabric cover

PN (RN): 2000.118.01
KČM: 0064722003213
NSN: 5820160034145

Carrying straps

PN (RN): 2000.117.01
KČM: 0064701000990
NSN: 5820160034144

Extension cable

PN (RN): 6000001104
KČM: 0064301010948
NSN: 5995160034140

Spare parts set

PN (RN): 2000.110.03
KČM: 0064751000755
NSN: 5820160021957

RF13.13 - Rechargeable battery pack

PN (RN): 7000.100.22

Power supply for RF13 portable transceiver. It contains a set of LiIon batteries in serial-parallel connection with protective and diagnostic...

SZ13.2 - Power supply set

PN (RN): 7026.000.02
KČM: 0299012010785
NSN: 6130160037708

Set consists of SZ13.2 power supply and documentation. For basic operation no other components are required. SZ13.2 is...

RN13.1 - Quick battery charger set

PN (RN): 7001.000.12
KČM: 0299012009776
NSN: 6130160034833

Set consists of RN13.1 quick charger and documentation. For basic operation no other components are required. The quick charger...

NS13 - Standard battery charger set

PN (RN): 7003.000.02
KČM: 0299012010792
NSN: 6130160037709

Set consists of NS13 standard battery charger, mains connection cable and documentation. For basic operation no other components are required...

NK13 - Trickle charger set

PN (RN): 7002.000.02
KČM: 0068600200031
NSN: 6130160022128

Set consists of NK13 trickle charger and accessories. The charger is used for elimination of self-discharging of NiCd battery packs...

NU13 - Universal charger set

PN (RN): 7024.000.02

Set consists of NU13 universal charger and accessories. The charger features charging, charging with preliminary discharging, the measuring of battery...

AL13.1 - Whip antenna 2 m

PN (RN): 2039.100.02

The antenna may replace AL13 antenna in the basic configuration of RF13 VHF transceiver set.

PD13 - Long-wire antenna

PN (RN): 2036.100.10
KČM: 0064681101577
NSN: 5985160038730
The directional long-wire antenna is used for range enlargment in a given direction. The antenna can be installed as half...

RF13.3 - Handset

PN (RN): 2022.100.52
KČM: 0064333000731
NSN: 5965160034142

When connected to the audio connectors of the transceiver, the handset makes it possible to make radio phonic communication and...

Handset holder

PN (RN): 2026.700.01
KČM: 0064662900760
NSN: 5965160034225
The holder is used for installation in a vehicle and in fixed locations. The handset is placed in the holder...

PK20 - Fill gun set

PN (RN): 2320.000.02

The set is used for operation data programming of the RF13 (including RF1301) and RF20 transceivers. The set consists of...

Cloning cable

PN (RN): 1050.618.01
KČM: 0064301010917
NSN: 5995160039621

RF headsets

The RF product line headsets are designed for RF20 and RF13 radio system transceivers.

Type designation Name PN (RN) KCM NSN
RF13.1 Rechargeable battery pack 7000.100.02
AS1301 Short tape antenna 0.5 m 2038.100.01 0064681101058 5985160025492
AL13 Long tape antenna 1.5 m 2039.100.01 0064685905834 5985160033179
RF13.8 Hang-up antenna 2036.100.11 0064681101065 5985160024749
RF13.2 Handset with control 2022.100.02 0064333000661 5965160034636
Manpack bag 2000.116.01 0064725000806 5820160034146
Light fabric cover 2000.118.01 0064722003213 5820160034145
Carrying straps 2000.117.01 0064701000990 5820160034144
Extension cable 6000001104 0064301010948 5995160034140
Spare parts set 2000.110.03 0064751000755 5820160021957
RF13.13 Rechargeable battery pack 7000.100.22
SZ13.2 Power supply set 7026.000.02 0299012010785 6130160037708
RN13.1 Quick battery charger set 7001.000.12 0299012009776 6130160034833
NS13 Standard battery charger set 7003.000.02 0299012010792 6130160037709
NK13 Trickle charger set 7002.000.02 0068600200031 6130160022128
NU13 Universal charger set 7024.000.02
AL13.1 Whip antenna 2 m 2039.100.02
PD13 Long-wire antenna 2036.100.10 0064681101577 5985160038730
RF13.3 Handset 2022.100.52 0064333000731 5965160034142
Handset holder 2026.700.01 0064662900760 5965160034225
PK20 Fill gun set 2320.000.02
Cloning cable 1050.618.01 0064301010917 5995160039621
RF headsets