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NU1302 - Universal charger

PN (RN): 7027.100.01
NSN: 6130160048119

The charger is designed to charge and discharge up to eight BP1301 (NiCd), LP1302 (LiIon) and LP20 (LiIon) battery packs.

PC20 - Small mains charger

PN (RN): 7046.100.11

PC20 small mains charger charges a single LP1302, LP20 (LiIon) battery pack.

SL20 - Solar charger

PN (RN): 7047.100.01

The SL20 solar charger is designed to charge LiIon battery packs with type designations LP1302 and LP20 for RF20 and...

Type designation Name PN (RN) KCM NSN
NU1302 Universal charger 7027.100.01 6130160048119
PC20 Small mains charger 7046.100.11
SL20 Solar charger 7047.100.01