RX2050 receiver is a device intended for installation in mobile devices. It ensures reception of RF signals from transceivers operating in 25 MHz to 146 MHz fixed frequency band. Transceiver modulation in 30 MHz to 108 MHz band meets the requirements of STANAG 4204 standard. In other bands, the receiver is capable of receiving signals from RF2050 or other transceivers that are compatible with the RF2050 in terms of modulation at these frequencies. The RX2050 receiver also receives signals in frequency hopping mode and it is fully compatible with the RF2050 and RF20 transceiver modes. The receiver includes an effective co-site filter that allows simultaneous operation of the RX2050 receiver with RF2050 transceivers in a single vehicle in 30 MHz to 90 MHz operating band. The condition of compatible operation is the distance between recommended vehicle antenna types of at least 1.5 m and receiving and transmitting frequencies differing by at least 10 %. The RX2050 receiver is not designed for data transmission.

PN (RN): 2310.100.81

a) in all operation modes
• built-in test equipment (BITE) with error indication on the transceiver display;
• operating data programming from external equipment;
• emergency erasure of operating data on fixed frequency channels including encryption unit codes and information for FH networks, including TRANSEC and COMSEC;
• switching on/off of acoustic signaling by transceiver operators;
• backlit display and keypad;
• adjustable display contrast;
• operating channel signal reception signaling by a LED on the transceiver panel;
• whisper mode with reduced audio frequency output power;
• received signal loud monitoring with volume regulation and LED monitor signaling;
• service information display – firmware;
• remote receiver control via REMOTE connector and RS232 or RS485 communication link and PRC20 protocol;
• simple control. 

b) in fixed frequency operation
• up to 10 channel presents from the entire 25 MHz to 145.9875 MHz frequency range, number of preset channels is reduced when occupied by FH networks;
• simplex reception;
• 150 Hz sub-tone squelch or signal squelch (only signal in VHF II);
• reception via built-in encryption unit compatible with RF13, RF20, RF2050;
• reception of short coded messages – FLASH with opposite transceiver identification;
• keypad channel programming;
• fixed frequency channel preset scanning;
• operating frequency setting in 6.25 kHz. 8.33 kHz, 25 kHz or 1 MHz steps. 

c) in FH operation
• up to 6 network presets;
• operation in 30.000 MHz to 87.975 MHz frequency range;
• secured TRANSEC operation and encrypted COMSEC operation;
• compatible with RF20, RF2050, RF23 and RF2350 transceivers;
• HLC, HLG and 121.500 MHz (HLA) frequency monitoring;
• optional frequency hopping operating modes – FH, DFF, FCS and MIX with quick transition to HLC, HLG or HLA reception;
• reception of alert message to all network users;
• reception of selective communication from MASTER transceiver;
• reception of short text messages (maximum 156 characters);
• INTERLEAVING switching off for close-to-the-limits communication.

Operating frequency 25 MHz to 145.9875 MHz
Nominal input impedance 50 Ω
Frequency sub-bands
HF 25 MHz to 29.975 MHz
VHF I 30 MHz to 108 MHz
VHF II 117.975 to 140 MHz
VHF III 140.025 to 145.9875 MHz
Type of received modulation
Channel spacing
HF 25 kHz
VHF I 25 kHz; 12.5 kHz; 6.25 kHz
VHF II 25 kHz; 8.33 kHz
VHF III 25 kHz; 12.5 kHz
Number of operating channels for 25 kHz channel spacing
HF 200
VHF I 3121
VHF II 882
Number of preset channels up to 10
Number of frequency-hopping channels up to 6
Receiver sensitivity
25 MHz to 29,975 MHz 0.6 μV
30 MHz to 90 MHz 0.7 μV
90.00625 MHz to 108 MHz 0.5 μV
117.975 MHz to 140 MHz 0.5 μV
140.025 MHz to 145.9875 MHz 0.5 μV
Dynamic two-signal selectivity for adjacent channel min. 57 dB
Suppression of intermediate frequencies min. 80 dB
Suppression of image-channel frequencies min. 60 dB
Suppression of spurious receptions at > 10 % detuning from operating frequency min. 70 dB
Range of effectively transmitted frequencies
narrow band audio 300 Hz to 3000 Hz
wide band audio 20 Hz to 11000 Hz
Audio frequency levels on AF connector
narrow band audio min. 200 mW, adjustable level up to 8 Ω
narrow band audio min. 775 mV, constant level up to 600 Ω
wide band audio 1000 mV, constant level up to 600 Ω
Acoustic pressure of the built-in speaker min. 85 dB at maximum volume
Non-linear distortion factor up to 10 %
Nominal supply voltage 12 V or 24 V
Limit supply voltage range 10 V to 33 V
Maximum consumption 0.625 A at 24 V
1.25 A at 12 V
Consumption during synchronization hold up to 0.015 A from 24 V backup supply
Range of operating frequencies in FH modes 30 MHz to 87.975 MHz
Number of monitored frequencies in FH modes 3 (two programmable, third 121.5 MHz)
Frequency hopping modes
FH secure frequency hopping
DFF secure digital fixed frequency
FCS secure free channel search
MIX mix mode FH + FCS
Time to initial synchronization up to 5 s
Synchronization hold 48 hours
Synchronization hold with disconnected power supply 50 s
Minimum number of operation frequencies in FH mode 1
Hopping rate 100 hops/s
Maximum dimensions 184 mm x 196 mm x 175 mm [w x h x d]
Maximum weight up to 6.5 kg
Operating temperature -40° C to +70 °C
Mechanical and climatic resistance according to MIL-STD-810E
EMC immunity according to MIL-STD-461E
Mains power immunity according to MIL-STD-1275B
RX2050 operating instructions 2310.010.81
RF2050 short operating instructions 2310.011.12
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RX2050 - EPM receiver set

PN (RN): 2310.000.81

Set consists of RX2050 EPM receiver and accessories.

For more details on RX2050 EPM receiver and other set components see...

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Mobile set frame

PN (RN): 7007.100.14
KČM: 0064570002710
NSN: 5975160055891

The frame is designed for installation of the RF2050 mobile EPM transceiver in all wheeled and tracked vehicles. The transceiver...

RF13.3 - Handset

PN (RN): 2022.100.52
KČM: 0064333000731
NSN: 5965160034142

When connected to the audio connectors of the transceiver, the handset makes it possible to make radio phonic communication and...

Handset holder

PN (RN): 2026.700.01
KČM: 0064662900760
NSN: 5965160034225
The holder is used for installation in a vehicle and in fixed locations. The handset is placed in the holder...

Power supply cable 3 m

PN (RN): 1050.126.02
KČM: 0067100055749
NSN: 5995160055907


PN (RN): 1050.993.01
KČM: 0064681901249
NSN: 5995160034143

2.6 m VHF vehicle antenna

PN (RN): 2036.100.23, 2036.100.24

The antenna is designed for fixed installation on all types of wheeled and tracked vehicles. It has omnidirectional radiation pattern...

Vehicle antenna VHF/UHF 1.3 m

PN (RN): 2036.100.84
The antenna is designed for fixed installation on all types of wheeled and tracked vehicles. It has omnidirectional radiation pattern...

Vehicle antenna VHF 1.6 m

PN (RN): 2036.100.85
The antenna is designed for fixed installation on all types of wheeled and tracked vehicles. It has omnidirectional radiation pattern...

Vehicle antenna VHF/UHF 2.7 m

PN (RN): 2036.100.86
The antenna is designed for fixed installation on all types of wheeled and tracked vehicles. It has omnidirectional radiation pattern...

1.88 m VHF vehicle antenna

PN (RN): 2036.100.40

It is intended for fixed mounting on the metal bodywork of the vehicle. A characteristic feature of the antenna is...

Discon antenna

PN (RN): 2036.100.68
KČM: 0064681101609
NSN: 5985160039132
This stationary­ antenna is fixed to a mast and is used for communication with all RF13 transceiver sets. This antenna...

Groundplane antenna

PN (RN): 2036.100.38

The antenna is intended for use on stationary posts. The antenna can be installed on all types of masts supplied...

RF13.8 - Hang-up antenna

PN (RN): 2036.100.11
KČM: 0064681101065
NSN: 5985160024749

This antenna is used for operation of the RF13 transceiver from trenches, forests or from buildings. The antena consits of...

PD13 - Long-wire antenna

PN (RN): 2036.100.10
KČM: 0064681101577
NSN: 5985160038730
The directional long-wire antenna is used for range enlargment in a given direction. The antenna can be installed as half...

Telescopic winch driven mast 10 m

PN (RN): 2036.100.70
KČM: 0064681500217
NSN: 5985160039124
The mast is designed for field use or for installation in vehicles. It serves as antenna carrier for RF13 transceiver...

Antenna mast

PN (RN): 2036.100.39

It is intended for use in field conditions to install all types of GROUNDPLANE antennas supplied by DICOM. Individual sections...

PK20 - Fill gun set

PN (RN): 2320.000.02

The set is used for operation data programming of the RF13 (including RF1301) and RF20 transceivers. The set consists of...

RC20 - Remote control unit set

PN (RN): 2312.000.01

Set consists of RC20 remote control and cable for transceiver connection. The remote control unit is intended for remote control...

Antenna cable (10 m)

PN (RN): 2011.904.02
KČM: 0064301010924
NSN: 5995160020406

Antenna cable (3 m)

PN (RN): 2011.904.01
KČM: 0064301010443
NSN: 5995160034134

RF cable

PN (RN): 1050.405.02

RF headsets

The RF product line headsets are designed for RF20 and RF13 radio system transceivers.

Type designation Name PN (RN) KCM NSN
Mobile set frame 7007.100.14 0064570002710 5975160055891
RF13.3 Handset 2022.100.52 0064333000731 5965160034142
Handset holder 2026.700.01 0064662900760 5965160034225
Power supply cable 3 m 1050.126.02 0067100055749 5995160055907
Grounding 1050.993.01 0064681901249 5995160034143
2.6 m VHF vehicle antenna 2036.100.23, 2036.100.24
Vehicle antenna VHF/UHF 1.3 m 2036.100.84
Vehicle antenna VHF 1.6 m 2036.100.85
Vehicle antenna VHF/UHF 2.7 m 2036.100.86
1.88 m VHF vehicle antenna 2036.100.40
Discon antenna 2036.100.68 0064681101609 5985160039132
Groundplane antenna 2036.100.38
RF13.8 Hang-up antenna 2036.100.11 0064681101065 5985160024749
PD13 Long-wire antenna 2036.100.10 0064681101577 5985160038730
Telescopic winch driven mast 10 m 2036.100.70 0064681500217 5985160039124
Antenna mast 2036.100.39
PK20 Fill gun set 2320.000.02
RC20 Remote control unit set 2312.000.01
Antenna cable (10 m) 2011.904.02 0064301010924 5995160020406
Antenna cable (3 m) 2011.904.01 0064301010443 5995160034134
RF cable 1050.405.02
High frequency protection 1 GHz 200 V 400 W 5605002002
RF headsets