The antenna is intended for use on stationary posts. The antenna can be installed on all types of masts supplied by MESIT defence. It can be used for RF13 series transceivers and for RF2050 transceiver. It consists of the antenna element, which includes three counterweights, and the radiator screwed together from two separate parts. All components including the antenna cable are stored in a bag.

PN (RN): 2036.100.38
Frequency range 30 MHz to 88 MHz
Nominal impedance 50 Ω
VSWR up to 3.5
Power rating up to 100 W (CW)
Radiation pattern omnidirectional
Polarization vertical
Connector type BNC (female)
Total weight 4.6 kg
Total weight including bag 5.8 kg
Total antenna length 4.6 m
Finish epoxy powder coating
Color olive
Operating temperature -55 °C to +71 °C