The AR20 automatic rebroadcast station is a device allowing automatic rebroadcasting in fixed frequency operation modes of transceivers complying with the requirements of the STANAG 4204 standard and of transceivers communicating in frequency hopping modes using HW20 modulation, i.e. RF23, RF20, RF2050.

PN (RN): 2315.100.02

• Automatic rebroadcasting of services in simplex or semi-duplex frequency hopping channel, such as transmission of short text messages, ALERT, authentication, and notification of interruption BREAK IN.
• Automatic rebroadcasting of P2P data communication or according to MIL-STD-188-220 (NET) in simplex or semi-duplex frequency hopping channel.
• Automatic synchronization of all terminal transceivers from the AR20.
• Automatic rebroadcasting of voice communication in simplex or semi-duplex fixed frequency channel or frequency hopping channel.
• Automatic rebroadcasting of data communication in simplex or semi-duplex fixed frequency channel according to MIL-STD-188-220 (NET).
• Automatic rebroadcasting of voice communication in simplex or semi-duplex fixed frequency channel with encryption unit enabled.
• Automatic rebroadcasting of short encrypted FLASH messages in simplex or semi-duplex fixed frequency channel.
• Rapid transition to radio communication between AR20 and terminal transceivers without rebroadcasting to another network.
• Connection to a third radio station, which is a terminal transceiver of another rebroadcast station, while ensuring compatibility of all types of communication in fixed frequency or frequency hopping channels.

Frequency range (25–108) MHz
(140.025–145.9875) MHz
Frequency range in frequency hopping modes (30–87.975) MHz
Input and output impedance 50 Ω
Receiver sensitivity 0.7 μV in (30–90) MHz band
0.6 μV in (25–30) MHz band
0.5 μV in (90–108) MHz band
(140.025-145.9875) MHz band
Transmitter power
– nominal 50 W –1/+2 dB at 24 V
50 W –3/+2 dB at 12 V
– reduced 5 W –1/+2 dB
Modulation FM
Frequency deviation 6.5 kHz or 3.3 kHz
Channel spacing
(30–108) MHz band 25 kHz, 12.5 kHz and 6.25 kHz
(25–29.975) MHz band 25 kHz
(140.025–145.9875) MHz band 25 kHz, 12.5 kHz
Channel spacing in frequency hopping modes 25 kHz
Compatibility of operation (1.5 m antennas) (30–90) MHz
Compatibility of operation (30 m antennas) (25–30) MHz, (90-108) MHz
(140.025–145.9875) MHz
Minimum separation between receiving and transmitting frequency 10 %, for 6 dB receiver sensitivity drop
Current consumption during communication, one transceiver transmitting 25 A at 12 V
12 A at 24 V
Current consumption without communication, receiving transceiver 2.8 A at 12 V
1.4 A at 24 V
Power requirements MIL-STD-1275B
Operating temperature range -40 °C to +70 °C
Dimensions (without attached cables and cooling unit) W 430 mm x H 285 x D 225 mm
Weight max. 30 kg
Climatic resistance MIL-STD-810E
RF2050 operating instructions 2310.010.12
RF2050 short operating instructions 2310.011.12
AR20 operating instructions 2315.010.02
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AR20 - Automatic rebroadcast station set

PN (RN): 2315.000.02

Set consists of RF2050 EPM transceivers, RU20 rebroadcast unit and accessories.

The AR20 automatic rebroadcast station is a device allowing...

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RU20 - Rebroadcast unit

PN (RN): 2315.110.01

The rebroadcast unit is part of the AR20 automatic rebroadcast station that mutually links all transceivers in the automatic rebroadcast...


PN (RN): 7007.100.72

The frame is intended for AR20 automatic rebroadcast station and/or it can be used to install two RF2050 transceivers...

AF cable

PN (RN): 1050.601.03

AF cable

PN (RN): 1050.631.02

Data cable

PN (RN): 1050.340.01

Data cable

PN (RN): 1050.341.01

Power supply cable 3 m

PN (RN): 1050.126.02
KČM: 0067100055749
NSN: 5995160055907


PN (RN): 1050.993.01
KČM: 0064681901249
NSN: 5995160034143


PN (RN): 1050.993.21

2.6 m VHF vehicle antenna

PN (RN): 2036.100.23, 2036.100.24

The antenna is designed for fixed installation on all types of wheeled and tracked vehicles. It has omnidirectional radiation pattern...

Groundplane antenna

PN (RN): 2036.100.38

The antenna is intended for use on stationary posts. The antenna can be installed on all types of masts supplied...

Discon antenna

PN (RN): 2036.100.68
KČM: 0064681101609
NSN: 5985160039132
This stationary­ antenna is fixed to a mast and is used for communication with all RF13 transceiver sets. This antenna...

Antenna mast

PN (RN): 2036.100.39

It is intended for use in field conditions to install all types of GROUNDPLANE antennas supplied by DICOM. Individual sections...

RF13.3 - Handset

PN (RN): 2022.100.52
KČM: 0064333000731
NSN: 5965160034142

When connected to the audio connectors of the transceiver, the handset makes it possible to make radio phonic communication and...

Handset holder

PN (RN): 2026.700.01
KČM: 0064662900760
NSN: 5965160034225
The holder is used for installation in a vehicle and in fixed locations. The handset is placed in the holder...


PN (RN): 2315.205.01

PK20 - Fill gun set

PN (RN): 2320.000.02

The set is used for operation data programming of the RF13 (including RF1301) and RF20 transceivers. The set consists of...

Antenna cable (3 m)

PN (RN): 2011.904.01
KČM: 0064301010443
NSN: 5995160034134

Antenna cable (10 m)

PN (RN): 2011.904.02
KČM: 0064301010924
NSN: 5995160020406

PC interconnection cable (USB)

PN (RN): 1050.299.01
KČM: 0067100069788
NSN: 5995160058121

Data cable (RS232C)

PN (RN): 1050.290.01

RF cable

PN (RN): 2010.900.01
KČM: 0064301010498
NSN: 5995160024752

RF cable

PN (RN): 2010.900.02
KČM: 0064301010708
NSN: 5995160034222

RF cable

PN (RN): 1050.405.02

CD for modem configuration

PN (RN): 2025.500.51

ModEx (Modem Expert) application is a universal configuration tool for setting up of network radio modems (compatible with MIL-STD188-220). ModEx...

Type designation Name PN (RN) KCM NSN
RU20 Rebroadcast unit 2315.110.01
Frame 7007.100.72
AF cable 1050.601.03
AF cable 1050.631.02
Data cable 1050.340.01
Data cable 1050.341.01
Power supply cable 3 m 1050.126.02 0067100055749 5995160055907
Grounding 1050.993.01 0064681901249 5995160034143
Grounding 1050.993.21
2.6 m VHF vehicle antenna 2036.100.23, 2036.100.24
Groundplane antenna 2036.100.38
Discon antenna 2036.100.68 0064681101609 5985160039132
Antenna mast 2036.100.39
RF13.3 Handset 2022.100.52 0064333000731 5965160034142
Handset holder 2026.700.01 0064662900760 5965160034225
Holder 2315.205.01
PK20 Fill gun set 2320.000.02
Antenna cable (3 m) 2011.904.01 0064301010443 5995160034134
Antenna cable (10 m) 2011.904.02 0064301010924 5995160020406
PC interconnection cable (USB) 1050.299.01 0067100069788 5995160058121
Data cable (RS232C) 1050.290.01
RF cable 2010.900.01 0064301010498 5995160024752
RF cable 2010.900.02 0064301010708 5995160034222
RF cable 1050.405.02
High frequency protection 1 GHz 200 V 400 W 5605002002
CD for modem configuration 2025.500.51