ModEx (Modem Expert) application is a universal configuration tool for setting up of network radio modems (compatible with MIL-STD188-220). ModEx is designed to be operated by trained operators, network administrators and servicing technicians. The application is, together with the user’s manual, distributed on the CD for modem configuration (2025.500.51).

Main characteristics:
• unified approach for various types of network modems,
• network editor,
• writing of the created configuration to modem or file,
• displaying of the current modem configuration.

PN (RN): 2025.500.51
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Data cable (USB)

PN (RN): 1050.285.01
KČM: 0067100044514
NSN: 5995160043005

Data cable (RS232C)

PN (RN): 1050.285.02

PC interconnection cable (USB)

PN (RN): 1050.299.01
KČM: 0067100069788
NSN: 5995160058121

Data cable (RS232C)

PN (RN): 1050.290.01
Type designation Name PN (RN) KCM NSN
Data cable (USB) 1050.285.01 0067100044514 5995160043005
Data cable (RS232C) 1050.285.02
PC interconnection cable (USB) 1050.299.01 0067100069788 5995160058121
Data cable (RS232C) 1050.290.01