The AR20P personal rebroadcast set is a device allowing automatic rebroadcasting in fixed frequency operation modes of transceivers complying with the requirements of the STANAG 4204 standard and of transceivers communicating in frequency hopping modes using HW20 modulation, i.e. RF23, RF20, RF2050.

PN (RN): 2315.100.12

• portable rebroadcast station
• suitable for difficult, rugged terrain
• extends communication range of RF20 system handheld transceivers up to 20 km (designed especially for observers)
• automatic rebroadcasting of operation at fixed frequencies (STANAG 4204) as well as all RF20 system transceivers operation at fixed frequencies across the 30 MHz to 88 MHz band.
• automatic rebroadcasting of RF20 system frequency hopping operations
• all necessary equipment in two bags

To increase operation time LP20 battery packs are available.

Frequency range 30 MHz to 88 MHz
Transmitter power 5 W
Sensitivity min. 113 dBm
RU20 operating time (from LP1302) 50 hours (except RF20)
– bag with components 295 mm x 300 mm x 350 mm
– antenna mast bag 1400 mm x 200 mm x 200 mm
– bag with components max. 10.5 kg
– antenna mast bag max. 8.9 kg
Operating temperature range -40 °C to +70 °C
Mechanical and climatic resistance MIL-STD-810E
RU20 operating instructions 2315.010.12
RF20 operating instructions 2300.010.12
RF20 short operating instructions 2300.011.12
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RF20 - EPM handheld transceiver

PN (RN): 2300.100.10

RF20 EPM handheld multiband transceiver with improved resistance to electronic warfare for use at the tactical command levels for all kinds of military units.

  • standard range of functionalities typical for handheld transceivers of RF20 system

RU20 - Rebroadcast unit

PN (RN): 2315.110.12

The rebroadcast unit is part of the AR20P portable rebroadcast station that mutually links all transceivers in the automatic rebroadcast...

LP1302 - Battery pack

PN (RN): 7029.100.02

Power supply for RF20 radio system transceivers. The battery pack consists of serial-parallel set of four LiIon cells with protective diagnostic circuits, and a capacity display.

  • nominal capacity 3.6 Ah

Data cable

PN (RN): 1050.351.01

Data cable

PN (RN): 1050.351.02

AF cable

PN (RN): 1050.659.01

AD-52 - Wire antenna

PN (RN): 6000001411

The antenna AD-52 is a wideband wire directional antenna intended for use with handheld or manpack radio units in VHF...

RF13.8 - Hang-up antenna

PN (RN): 2036.100.11
KČM: 0064681101065
NSN: 5985160024749

This antenna is used for operation of the RF13 transceiver from trenches, forests or from buildings. The antena consits of...

Extension cable

PN (RN): 6000001104
KČM: 0064301010948
NSN: 5995160034140

AR20P bag

PN (RN): 6000010027

STM-7/6-123 - Antenna mast

PN (RN): 6000001412

The STM-7/6-123 is a lightweight manportable/manpack sectionalized tubular mast intended for use with lightweight antennas. Mast sections are...

Type designation Name PN (RN) KCM NSN
RF20 EPM handheld transceiver 2300.100.10
RU20 Rebroadcast unit 2315.110.12
LP1302 Battery pack 7029.100.02
Data cable 1050.351.01
Data cable 1050.351.02
AF cable 1050.659.01
AD-52 Wire antenna 6000001411
RF13.8 Hang-up antenna 2036.100.11 0064681101065 5985160024749
Extension cable 6000001104 0064301010948 5995160034140
AR20P bag 6000010027
STM-7/6-123 Antenna mast 6000001412