Modern appearance and new design elements

The TTU display units represent a new generation of display units for tachographs. They use new design elements and technologies and are compatible with all versions of TT-12, TT-22 and TT-32 recording units and tachograph sets. 

This new solution can be used by the user just by changing the software in all sets of tachographs currently manufactured by MESIT asd. Unifying spare parts for various types of trams, trolleybuses and buses is now very easy.

Versions of display units

Versions of display units

The display units are manufactured in four basic designs, differing only in the shape and the method of displaying the speed:

  • TTU-32.15 – circular display unit with digital display of speed
  • TTU-32.16 – rectangular display unit with digital display of speed
  • TTU-32.17 – circular display unit analog display of speed
  • TTU-32.18 – rectangular display unit analog display of speed

Furthermore, these basic designs can be delivered in variations enabling the user to select the display color for the displaying of speed for the digital indicator, and the extent of the scale for the analog display of speed design and language mutations.

Display unit panel description

Display unit panel description

The following functioning and control elements are located on the front panel of the display unit:

  • speed indicator with a multifunction display covered by antireflective glass. In the basic mode on the non-resettable counter the multifunction display shows the total distance driven by the vehicle, and on the counter which is resettable by the driver it shows the vehicle’s daily driven route. Using the keypad it is also possible to randomly choose further information on this display, which is stated in the following text,
  • keypad – allows the selection of the functions and the displaying of the information on the multifunction display,
  • the signaling LED diode “MEM” (red) – signals the loss of the recording of the tachograph on to the card,
  • three LEDs (yellow, green and red) – signals the status of the batteries and the charging of the vehicle,
  • the signaling LED - signals the exceeding of the preselected speed

On the rear side of the indicator there are located the communication connectors and two types of connectors for the connecting of the charging voltage, voltage for the Batteries (AKU) and sensors. In operation these connectors enable the utilization of the already installed cables in the vehicle, without the necessity of replacing the connectors.

The display units enable the following functions:

  • the displaying of the vehicle’s instantaneous speed in digital form with the possibility of regulating the contrast or in analog form on the scale with the possibility of regulating the lighting,
  • the signaling of the exceeding of the speed value,
  • the signaling of the condition of the batteries or the failure of the vehicle’s accumulators charging,
  • the signaling of a failure in case of a recording failure of the tachograph with the possibility of calling-up the probable cause of the failure,
  • the displaying of the vehicle’s instantaneous speed,
  • the displaying of the total covered kilometers without the possibility of resetting by the driver,
  • the displaying of the daily number of covered kilometers with the possibility of resetting by the driver,
  • the displaying of time,
  • diagnostics of the connected signals,
  • the displaying of the results of the braking test,
  • the displaying of the buss’s fuel status,
  • when using the energy metering box, the displaying of the consumed and recovered energy and the value of the track voltage for trolleys and tramways,
  • in connection with the sensor it fulfills the function of a speed indicator, and the function of a tachograph after the connecting of a recording unit.