Aircraft instruments

We develop and manufacture measuring devices and control systems for aerospace applications.

Our products are manufactured by qualified technicians with the technical assistance of engineers.

Products are tested in our own laboratories under extreme simulated conditions.


Hearing protectors

High levels of ambient noise are typical of industry, construction, aviation, or the environment of the Integrated Rescue System units. In order to prevent irreversible damage to hearing, workers should wear appropriate protective equipment to reduce ambient noise to an acceptable level set by hygiene standards and regulations.


Tactical communication

Our communication technologies are used by armies in demanding military missions.

Our developed and manufactured vehicle intercoms and extercoms are remarkably reliable and easy to use.

Tens of thousands of pilots and soldiers appreciate the comfort and reliability of our headsets.


Systems for transport vehicles

Vehicles equipped with our instruments operate throughout Europe and the USA.

We apply many years of experience gained from manufacturing complex aerospace technology when developing and manufacturing devices for transport vehicles.

We offer instruments for all types of public transport vehicles.


Electronics assembly

The same quality utilised for aerospace and military projects is applied in other sectors as well.

We perform custom electronics assembly, including SMT component placement on printed circuit boards.

PCB component placement is performed on a modern high precision and high speed automated line with an automated optical inspection system.


Services and support

We meet individual customer requirements.

Comprehensive support for the entire working life of our products is provided.

We offer specialized training focused on servicing and maintaining systems.

A detailed system is in place for carrying out warranty and post-warranty repairs.