The TT43Win is an evaluating program supplied together with the TT-43.1A or TT-43.1B electronic recording devices.

The software is used to view and evaluate data downloaded to a computer from tachograph recording units.

Complete overview of vehicle operations
Decreased operating costs
Higher operating efficiency
Increased operating safety

Path to cost savings in vehicle operations

The TT43Win software makes it possible to view vehicle travel records and to evaluate several types of analyses, which are beneficial for the operator of the vehicle in terms of vehicle monitoring and cost savings in vehicle operations.

The program is operated in standard Windows via a user interface, with a mouse and keyboard. Individual trips of the vehicle can be viewed, events of interest can be searched for, e.g. maximum vehicle speed exceeded.

Diagnostics of the correct function of attached status signals, level of traction current, voltage, brake line pressure. It can search for exceeded vehicle idle periods for vehicles with a running motor, when the vehicle is running unnecessarily and therefore wasting fuel.

If a vehicle is fitted with a capacitive level meter, the software can monitor the consumption of fuel during travel and display suspicious losses.

Tachograph data can be viewed in the order it was recorded, i.e. as each event was recorded, or it can be converted into linear time or travel views. It is always possible to view the records in tabular or graphical form, print sets or export data for further analysis. The software is easy to use and user friendly. The software can be run on Windows XP and higher versions.

Using the TT43Win evaluation software will help the operator gain a complete overview of the vehicle and find ways to decrease operating costs, gain higher efficiency and last but not least, increase operating safety.

For running this evaluating program, you can use a computer in the minimum undermentioned configuration. We recommend better configurations for quicker work.

  • RAM: 1GB
  • Free space on HDD: 20MB + data files
  • Minimum setting of the computer video card: 1024 x 768
  • Operating system: Windows XP and higher