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Mobile set frame

PN (RN): 7007.100.14
KČM: 0064570002710
NSN: 5975160055891

The frame is designed for installation of the RF2050 mobile EPM transceiver in all wheeled and tracked vehicles. The transceiver...

Cooling block

PN (RN): 2310.270.01

The cooling block ensures better heat drainage from the cooling rib of the RF2050 mobile EPM transceiver radiator. We recommend...


PN (RN): 7007.100.72

The frame is intended for AR20 automatic rebroadcast station and/or it can be used to install two RF2050 transceivers...

Type designation Name PN (RN) KCM NSN
Mobile set frame 7007.100.14 0064570002710 5975160055891
Cooling block 2310.270.01
Frame 7007.100.72