Qualified technologists, along with technical support provided by designers, are involved in the manufacturing process. We test products under simulated extreme conditions in our own laboratories.

System for Fuel Filling and Measurement

A highly developed and well-established solution applied by a number of manufacturers. We design on the principle of capacity sensors for fuel level measurement.

  • Complete solutions for various types of fuel tanks
  • High accuracy of measurement, including aircraft banking solutions
  • Meets RTCA/DO-160G and RTCA/DO-178C standards
  • Possibility of connection to on-board bus bars (FMS, EFIS, etc.)

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Control Systems for Aircraft De-icing

These systems control the pneumatic de-icing of the airframe and indicate possible failures and anomalies of the de-icing process.

  • Verified method of ice elimination on the leading edges of wings
  • Highly reliable control system
  • Possibility to modify technical parameters based on the aircraft type
  • Intuitive control of panel

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Heating Systems

These systems ensure flight safety and aircraft controllability. They provide heated comfort to the passengers and the pilots.

  • Cabin Heating
  • Windscreen Heating
  • Propeller Heating
  • Pressure Probe Heating
  • Automatic Temperature Control
  • User-adjustable Parameters

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Control Units for Controlling and Monitoring of Assemblies

Reliable systems for controlling, monitoring and indicating the condition of aircraft systems, engine and assemblies.

High number of sensors and power elements. Enhanced operational safety and reduction of operating costs. Certified software.

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Instruments for Measurement of Physical Values

We produce highly accurate and tough on-board aircraft instruments for measurement of physical flight parameters.

The outputs of measurements are processed in such a way that they provide the clear data needed to control the aircraft.

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VHF/UHF Transceivers, Antennas

The solution for communication between aircraft or for the communication with air traffic control.

The advantages are variability and adaptability to special requirements.

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Power Converters

The power converters serve as a source of alternating current for supplying the aircraft instruments and equipment. It is also possible to use them in railway and road transport, as well as in other industries.

  • Fixed single-phase and three-phase converters
  • Fixed three-phase voltage converters ranging from 50 to 1800VA, 3x36V/400 Hz, 1x115V/400Hz and 3x115V/400Hz.

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