Remote pressure measurement of vehicle fluids

The measured medium can be gasoline, kerosene, oil, etc.

VS-3 and VS-5 transmitters employ a flexible membrane, with one side exposed to the measured pressure. Changing pressure will change the height of the membrane, which is then transferred into the potentiometer.  The movement of the follower varies the current in the transmitter and indicator, showing the pressure directly on the indicator scale.

The transmission mechanism and electrical portion are protected by a cover, which is labelled with the maximum allowable pressure of the transmitter.

  • Supply voltage: 24Vss ± 10%
  • Unit current consumption: max. 0.1A
  • Ambient temperature range: -40°C to +60°C
  • Device resistance to vibration: 4g at a frequency of (20-80) Hz
  • Device weight: max. 400g

We manufacture transmitters in 12 versions, depending on the range of the measured pressure. The version with the lowest range measures values from 0 to 60kPa, the version with the highest range measures 0 to 10Mpa.