Video record of vehicle surroundings

The VM-62 is a video recording add-on to the TTZ-62 recording unit. It allows for efficient analysis of vehicle travel and operating conditions.

Travel data is supplemented by:

  • video of the area in front of the vehicle with 1920x1080 resolution, 25 fps,
  • view selection of real-time vehicle situation using the T62Win software.


  • control of selected functions of an IP camera via commands from the vehicle computer or the tachograph
  • automatic synchronisation of video with the tachograph records
  • record length at least 180 hours of operation (depending on the resolution)
  • video and tachograph data recording accessible via cable or Wi-Fi
  • the recording medium is protected against improper handling and damage



A TTZ-62 recording unit 

A VIVOTEK 9 video camera (+ SD memory card) 

The T62Win evaluation programme 

Ancillary cabling 

A camera holder (optional) 

A LAN switch (for multiple cameras) 

Modified FW for the TTZ-62 recording unit 

A Wi-Fi module for the wireless transmission of video data (optional)

The device is universally applicable for various types of vehicles and is compatible with all versions of TTZ-62 recording units.

The vehicle can be equipped with up to 4 cameras.

Optionally, audio recording can also be used.