A highly developed and well-established solution applied by a number of manufacturers. We design on the principle of capacity sensors for measurement of fuel level.

  • Complete solutions for various types of fuel tanks

  • High accuracy of measurement, including aircraft banking solutions

  • Meets RTCA/DO-160G and RTCA/DO-178C standards

  • Possibility of connection to on-board bus bars (FMS, EFIS, etc.)

High Level of Safety

High Level of Safety

An independent system is used for the right and the left sections of the wing.

The systems for the measurement of fuel quantity on the aircraft are designed for independent indication of fuel level in individual fuel tanks and/or sectors.

The measurement of fuel quantity is one of the most important systems on the aircraft, directly affecting flight safety. It clearly determines the fuel quantity in the tanks. Fuel weight can account for half of the take-off weight therefore the information regarding fuel quantity in individual tanks before take-off is essential.

During flight, information about actual fuel quantity is important for the evaluation of flight progress and termination. Similarly, information about actual fuel consumption indicates engine condition and directly affects aircraft safety.

Fuel Measurement System

Fuel Measurement System

The aircraft fuel gauge cluster is a functional system of electronic control banks, fuel capacity transmitters and minimum fuel quantity sensors. The assembly may be further supplemented by adding a central filling control unit and maximum fuel level sensors.

The transmitters are located directly inside the fuel tanks and cooperate with the block of electronics. Change of fuel level is shown by a change of the floating fuel transmitter. This process is dependent on tank shape. Based on the knowledge of the polynomial defining the tank shape, the accurate fuel quantity in a given tank is calculated by the electronics bank. Subsequently, according to the characteristics of individual fuel tanks, the total quantity of fuel is determined in kilograms. This data is sent to the multifunction display.

Fuel Filling System

Fuel Filling System

The central fuel filling control unit serves to control the central (pressure) filling of aircraft tanks. It allows setting a required fuel filling quantity for individual tanks provides information on the actual condition of filling and controls its progress.

Pressurised filling allows filling one, several or all tanks simultaneously and setting the filling value for each tank separately. The control panel processes the data on the actual quantity of filled fuel from the block of fuel gauge electronics and from the feedback from the controlled valves and processes other signals, such as overpressure, discrete signal from the safety floats, data from the transmitter of maximum fuel level, etc.

Based on this data it controls the process of filling, thus allowing accurate fuelling in the selected aircraft tanks.