Allows authorized driver access

The ES-62.X module is designed to be used in all road and railway vehicles. It provides authorized driver access to TT-62 tachograph sets, as well as blocking vehicle travel. The card reader is connected to a driver database.


  • ES-62.X card reader
  • Access cards
  • KC-9XX.ES connection cables

Technical parameters

Nominal supply voltage, current consumption: 24VDC, 70mA

Operating frequency:

  • ES-62.1   13.56MHz
  • ES-62.2   125kHz

Communication: RS485, RS232, CAN bus

Inputs and outputs:

  • 1x change-over relay contact (2A)
  • 4x galvanically separated outputs with opened collector (36V/50mA) or 4x galvanically separated inputs (9V to 36V)

Login notification: Two-colour LED and auditory signal

Firmware upload: via RS232

Internal memory capacity: 1,534 users

Approx. maximum distance for card reading: 7cm

Ambient temperature: -20°C to +65°C

Ambient storage temperature: -40°C to +80°C

Operating position: any

Electrical strength of galvanically separated communication lines: min. 500V

Input polarity-protection: permanent

Relative humidity: max. 95% in the entire range of operating temperatures, non-condensing

Degree of protection: IP40 compliant with ČSN EN 60 529

Max. external device dimensions: 96 x 96 x 65mm