Exact time synchronization and vehicle position recording

The GPS-62.1 module is designed to be used in all road and railway vehicles.

It receives GPS or GLONASS signals and allows for exact synchronisation of time with current vehicle coordinates in TT-62 tachograph systems.

The system consists of:

  • GPS-62.1 module
  • Active, pre-amplified GPS antenna and a 5m long AGPS 5 cable
  • KC-9XX.GPS communications and power cable

Nominal supply voltage, current consumption: 24V DC, 50mA

Receiver: GPS, GLONASS

Communication: RS232, galvanically separated

Time synchronization accuracy: 10ns

Position identification accuracy (horizontal): better than 2.5m

Speed measurement accuracy: better than 0.1m/s

Ambient temperature: -40°C to +80°C

Ambient storage temperature: -45°C to +105°C

Operating position: any

RS232 communication line insulation voltage: 1,500V

Input polarity-protection: permanent

Relative humidity

  • max. 95% in the entire range of operating temperatures, non-condensing

Degree of protection: IP40 compliant with ČSN EN 60 529

Max. external dimensions of the device in mm: 111 x 75 x 23mm

Installation method: installation on DIN rail