Precise measurement of fuel level in trucks and railway vehicles

It allows for continuous measurement of fuel levels (diesel, bio-diesel and oils). Fuel level meters can also be installed in stationary tanks, reservoirs, wells, etc.

  • Robust and highly reliable design
  • Multi-tank solution
  • Rapid detection of unauthorized fuel handling
  • Easy calibration and set-up via a PC
  • Remote firmware updates
  • Sophisticated diagnostics of operational reports
  • Easy installation with the possibility of shortening the length of the level meter




Components of the fuel level meter

Components of the fuel level meter

The capacitive level meter is a structural unit consisting of:

  • transmitter head with built-in electronics,
  • capacitive probe for fuel level
  • capacitive compensation sensor for the measurement of the dielectric properties and
    temperature of the medium.


We manufacture these systems in two versions:

  • LM4 - application for road vehicles
  • LM5 - application for railway vehicles

The Webdispatching application makes it possible to monitor fuel consumption and fuel amounts in the vehicle fuel tanks. It is possible to compare this data with the pre-set allowed consumption or refuelling records.

The WEBDISPATCHING product is a shared project of Princip a.s. and HI Software Development s.r.o. This project boasts a unique combination of high-end hardware solutions and comprehensive software superstructures.

More about the WEBDISPATCHING application