The headset is designed for the situations when the RF13 or RF20, RF1301 operator is in need of free hands for other activities. It can be worn for long periods of time and works with a helmet or a protective mask on the operator. The gradient microphone works even in a very noisy environment. The RF13.52L/RF13.52R can be keyed manually with a button or automatically with a voice switch (VOX).

PN (RN): 2023.100.72
KCM: 0067100052904
NSN: 5965160055351

Technical parameters of the headset are identical with the 2023.100.61 device.

RF13.51/RF13.52 operating instructions 2023.010.62
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RF13.52L - Headset set

PN (RN): 2023.000.74
KČM: 0067100052896
NSN: 5965160055350

Set consists of RF13.52L headset and documentation. For basic operation no other components are required. The headset is designed...

Type designation Name PN (RN) KCM NSN
RF13.52L Headset set 2023.000.74 0067100052896 5965160055350