A broadband antenna designed for portable and handheld transceivers equipped with a standard TNC connector. It is used for communication in the tactical VHF band without any need for further fine-tuning. The antenna consists of an emitter and an antenna matching. The antenna radiator is made of steel tapes that are flexibly connected by four points so that it can easily bend. There is a plastic cover at the upper end of the radiator, while the bottom end of the radiator is fixed to a flexible part that provides for easy vertical alignment of the radiator. The other end of the flexible part is firmly connected to the antenna matching containing an integrated impedance transformer. At the bottom of the antenna matching, there is a TNC connector with a pin for connection to the transceiver.

PN (RN): 2036.100.42
Frequency range with guaranteed parameters 30 MHz to 108 MHz
Extended frequency range 25 MHz to 146 MHz
Impedance 50 Ω
Polarization vertical
Radiation pattern omnidirectional
Gain -12 dBi to +5 dBi
VSWR max. 3
Antenna length max. 1.15 m
Weight max. 0.27 kg