3. 10. 2018

MESIT has taken advantage of the best opportunity to pass on its latest developments in the development and production of transport systems thanks to participation in the international Telematics Conference CEEurope which took place on 27 September 2018 in Warsaw. Telematics Conference CEEurope is the only telematics focused conference and exhibition in Central and Eastern Europe. It brings together 150 key stakeholders from commercial telematics.

MESIT presented a new LM4 capacitive level meter which deservedly awakened the interest of many conference visitors from different parts of the world because fleet systems and option of accurate fuel quantity tracking has ranked among the topical issues. The LM4, thanks to its construction and built-in compensation member, achieves real-time accuracy with less than 1%. Intelligent Fuel Measurement can analyze the physical properties of fuels of many types, diesel, oil, including biofuels. Business, technical and subsequent informal discussions have been an opportunity to share a range of practical information and to track new technical trends.